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THE FUTILITY OF REFORMISM: A Case for Peaceful, Democratic Social Revolution

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To the extent that we understand how capitalism functions, the arguments for the defense of the so-called progressive “improvements” of the standard life of the working class are irrelevant. The fundamental position of wanting and achieving the best of all possible worlds for the majority of its inhabitants becomes the logical objective.

The working class must either accept the continuation of capitalism, which in effect implies the application of reformism, or opt for peaceful, democratic social revolution and establish socialism. The choice is clear-cut, vital and limited to these two alternatives.


1. Introduction / A Parable by Leo Tolstoy
2. Reform or Revolution?
3. Unemployment or Employment – Reject Both
4. Taxation – Dilemma and Deception
5. Reforms at Election Time
6. Equal Rights Amendment
7. On Campus – USA
8. ”The Economy”
9. Abortion and “The Right to Life”
10. Democracy – Now and in the Future
11. The Law
12. The “State of the Union”
13. The Inseperables (Capitalism and War)
14. China’s Masquerade
15. The Provoker
16. A Time for Introspection

Appendix – War Statisitics

Object and Declaration of Principles of the World Socialist Party of the United States and its Companion Parties